(LibreOffice Calc document)
I've been an avid user of precise hour lists for over ten years now. Having great statistics of where my time is spent is a great satisfaction for me.

My hour lists have gotten quite complicated over the years and so I decided to share what I use currently. Hopefully it's of help for somebody :)

License is CC-0, public domain, no need to ask my permission to even modify and sell this.

Apologies that I use the 24h clock method for this list, it would be too much of a hassle to make it an AM-PM one.

- Manu Järvinen, manujarvinen.com
For extra minimalism, turn off:

View > Column & Row Headers
View > Formula Bar
View > Toolbars > Formatting
You may need to change the LibreOffice Calc Language settings by going to:
Tools > Options > Language Settings > Languages

You can unfreeze the top to rows by going to:
View > Freeze Cells > Freeze Rows and Columns
Extra information for adding more day types (advanced):
- The Day type config settings are in the config tab.
- Data → Define range... should be used for defining the range for day_type (which is the range that's in use in Data → Validity. One of the Day type cells needs to be selected.)
- Select one of the Day type cells and go to Format → Conditional Formatting → Condition... in order to add new formatting stuff there.
- Copy the modified 'Day type' cell over the old ones (use Paste Special... to not override the formatting, like the borders)